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Cascadia Blend - Organic - Light Roast

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Lion's Mane Mushroom

12oz. Compostable Bag

Bright and fruit forward with crisp notes of blueberry and earthy cocoa undertones.

This dry process coffee comes from Guji Highlands, a group that sources coffee from smallholders and manages its own semi-forest coffee farms around the Guji zone. This zone was distinguished as its own unique production area in the early 2000's. It is located in the Southern portion of Sidamo and is named after the Oromo people.

Ripe red coffee cherries were hand-picked and delivered to Dambi Uddo Station for processing. The cherries were floated in water first to remove underweight and damaged beans. After cleaning, the cherries were placed on raised beds in a single layer for drying where they were turned regularly. This natural processing method (coffee cherries dried in the whole fruit) emphasizes fruit tones with winy acidity in harmony with savory/earthy underpinnings.