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Yukon Blend- Decaf - Organic - Medium Roast

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Lion's Mane Mushroom

*12oz. Compostable Bag*

Rich sweetness is balanced with clean lemon acidity. This decaf is delicious with any brewing method, and even makes a nice espresso.

Oaxacan coffee is grown on small plots spread over 3 large, diverse ranges. Oaxaca is where the Sierra Madre del Sur and Sierra Mixteca ranges come together to form the Sierra Madre Occidental as it heads north. If you follow these ranges south of Oaxaca city towards the coast you find a unique climate – soft, pine-filled forested mountains that give way to steep, craggy coffee fields as you head into the heart of La Pluma.

This coffee comes from a 48 member group called UNECAFE – Unidad Ecogica para El Sector Cafe Oaxaquenos. Since forming in the early 90s, members have grown to have an average of 5 hectares per person, each hectare of which produces 800-1200 pounds of export grade coffee (3-4 times the average). This is due to aggressive organic practices, constant pruning, and the continual investment in new trees. This is the heart of La Pluma, and there is pride that comes with planting this specific varietal.

These beans are decaffeinated by the Mountain Water Process, a chemical-free method for removing caffeine from green coffee. The process involves soaking green coffee in fresh mountain water until it reaches a saturation level that allows the dissolvable solids, including caffeine, to be extracted. The water then passes through carbon filters, removing the caffeine before being returned to the tank. Using pressure, the coffee oils are reintroduced to the green coffee, leaving it around 98% caffeine free.