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Arctic Wolf - Organic - White Roast

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Lion's Mane Mushroom

*12oz. Compostable Bag*

The full body and inherent sweetness of these beans provide a great balance to this nutty white roast. 

These beans come from the Sidamo region of Ethiopia; which is mostly made up of fertile highlands. Thanks to plenty of rainfall, an optimal climate, and rich - volcanic soil, Sidamo has the perfect conditions for growing coffee.

Due to Sidamo's high climate, the coffee beans grow at a slower rate; giving them more time to absorb the nutrients from the soil and develop more complex flavors.

Almost all of Ethiopian coffee is grown by cooperatives of smallholder farms; and produced using traditional methods. Ethiopian coffee beans are mostly 'wet processed'. This process involves picking coffee beans (called ‘cherries’)  pressing them through a screen using high-pressure water, and removing the skin along with some of the pulp. The beans are then left to dry in the sun. Wet-processed beans can have more vibrancy and fruitiness than their dry-processed counterparts.

When roasted at our low time and temperature process, The sweet, nutty, and low acidity notes are pulled from the Sidamo coffee beans. With such an enticing flavour profile and proud history, it’s clear why we chose Sidamo beans for our Arctic Wolf - White Roast Coffee. 

Cupping Notes - Smooth creamy body. Sweet undertones, butter, cream, and nuts. The finish turns to a sweet, yet smokey vanilla cream flavor. Perfect companion for a morning by the fire.